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Julia Gerace

Julia comes to sound healing from a background that combines music, nutrition, and training. She understands how music affects the body and the soul, and how to best apply those principals to enhance the well-being of her clients and friends.

Julia has been a musician since childhood. She has earned a Bachelors degree in Music Performance, founded the Milford Community Band, and performs with the CT Symphonic Winds and the Argyle Sax Quartet. Sound Baths are a natural extension and culmination of her work as a musician, personal trainer and nutrition coach. The mind-body-soul connection is paramount and key to her starting her latest venture. She continues her life studies with Dr. Itai Itzvan, Ali Young of Chang Mai Holistic, Lori Haggerty of Rivers Edge Reiki and Tom Llewelyn of SoulRemember and Nickolas Mrapalos of Divine Communication. Julia is ISSA certified in Personal Training, corrective exercise and exercise therapy. She has certifications from Third Age Woman on peri and post menopause. She is Precision Nutrition Level 1, Usui Reiki Master, grand Master of Atlantean and Lemurian Light Reiki, as well as many other certificates, diplomas and ceu courses. Julia is a recently noted Bachelor of Metaphysics and a member of the International Metaphysical Ministry. She is available for weddings and vow renewals as well as other life celebrations.  She is truly a Renaissance woman, versed in many aspects of life both common and meta. Open yourself up to the realms around you and never stop learning and growing!

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Our goal is to make you feel better.

It's that simple. We won't overwhelm you with jargon or mysticism: Just improve your health and happiness with sound, energy, and meditation.

To have a space where we all feel welcome.

To have a space where we all feel at home.


I know Julia only through the internet. I live across the world, but Julia is the kind of person for who I would take a plane from Greece to USA, just to meet her in person, to sit and enjoy one of her sound-baths. Because Julia's Presence is pure magic. Everyone who has the actual chance of visiting her place should do it, for it will be a life-changing experience, empowering you with Divine Blessings.

It is truth that we seek, so we can change and elevate our reality. Truth is simple. And the easiest way to find it, is in real people. You all got a real person there. Visit her! - Nickolas Mrapalos - Divine Communication

Julia is a gifted practitioner who brings an ideal combination of great skills, heart and positive vibe to her work. Whether you’re deep into a spiritual journey or just seeking some self-healing, inspiration or relaxation, Julia can help you find a deeper connection to yourself. I always get so much out of our Reiki sessions and I’m looking forward to exploring sound baths soon. I was blown away by our Reiki session last week and Julia's insight and natural abilities. So glad she's offering these sessions. I'm hooked! - Peggy K.

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